Your computer needs:

Deal with your node versions

If you have some issues try to install Node Version Manager, a simple bash script to manage multiple active Node.js versions.

💡 Protip: Show the list of differents Node.js versions installed with nvm list and choose a default one with nvm alias default 6.x.x

Installing npm packages

There are two ways to install npm packages: locally or globally. You choose which kind of installation to use based on how you want to use the package.

For now we are going to use the global installation like this one:

$ npm install github-email --global

Magic! You just installed a new Command Line for your terminal, and you can use it like this:

$ github-email <GITHUB_USERNAME>

💡 Protip: Looking for other cool packages? You can search on GitHub or npmsearch.


  • Open my GitHub profile and follow me 😉

  • Try to find my email with github-email

Mastering the Foundation CLI

Install the Foundation CLI with this command:

$ npm install foundation-cli --global

Use this command to set up a new Foundation website

$ foundation new

The CLI will prompt you to give your project a name. The template will be downloaded into a folder with this name.


  • Build your first foundation website with the CLI

  • Choose Handlebars templates and Sass/JS compilers

  • Launch your local server with foundation watch

  • Commit your changes with theses commands

    • $ git init

    • $ git add .

    • $ git commit --message 'Initial commit :new:'